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After a long, busy summer filled with weddings, mountain hikes, walks on the pier, days at the beach and a few lazy evenings in front of the TV we finally took off on our holidays. When Martin suggested we’d spend a week in the West of Ireland I have to admit I was a little […]

Watermelon, feta cheese and mint

As summer is coming to an end we all better make the most of it before autumn takes over. Can we squeeze in another BBQ, just one? I think there is still time. In a week and a half I will spend some time in the west of Ireland in a cottage at the base […]

Chargrilled corn salad with feta cheese and chili

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Dublin. Already the nights are mild and the air is like a heavy blanket. I have finally got 2 days off after a 2 weeks of work. I shall spend my time in the sun, should you be looking for me. Halloumi cheese, corn on the cob, […]

Fruit for thought

Bank holiday weekend. Busy days coming up to it trying to get as much work as possible out of the way. Busy trying to recover from the wedding we attended. Luckily I have today off to slowly start to come back to normal. The usual habit when feeling hung over is to pick up the […]

Scamorza risotto with crispy parma ham

Opening the fridge, cupboard or freezer looking for inspiration is usually not a safe bet in my house. I would love to say I plan my meals every week before going to the shops, but I am afraid that’s not really the case. On rare occasions there is an awful lot of fruit and veg […]


As it is only Monday I understand if you are not ready to talk about the weekend. It went by too fast, right? Seems like forever til the next one. Sigh. I worked the whole weekend and have today off. It is a little bit of a novelty to have a Monday off knowing that […]

Mid week chat

Hey all. It has been a few quiet weeks here on the blog. I have kept myself very busy though but can still not tell you about the exciting project I have been working on. I will tell you where I have been though. I spent some time in my home country, Sweden. What a […]

Roast red pepper salad

Thursdays meal was such a success that I’ve decided to share another great recipe from my lazy so called dinner. If you, just like myself, love antipasti, tapas or meze, this little dish will go down a treat! I was inspired by an evening in Spain nearly two years ago. After spending a week in […]

Baba ganoush

Thursday evening is when most people start to see the end of their work week and therefore deserve a treat. I on the other hand am stuck in work for another few days before I get a day off. However this does not stop me from putting my feet up, pouring a cheeky glass of […]

Raspberry jellies

Last week was all about marshmallow, this week I’ve moved on to jellies. There is a reason for all the sweet stuff being made in my kitchen but I can unfortunately not reveal why quite yet. So while you are all sitting on the edge of you seats wondering what I’m on about I’m just […]