Chicken Biryani

I’m going to Sweden tomorrow!! Nothing gets me as excited as a trip home, and this one is going to be particularly nice. We are spending the weekend in the country house then a night in Stockholm. Bliss. I’m already thinking about what pastry shops to visit and what food to get in the super […]

Raspberry marshmallows

Did you know that in your kitchen you can make your very own marshmallows? I find the idea of making these sweet, fluffy pillow like treats very inviting. I made an almost perfect batch of marshmallows yesterday flavoured with fresh raspberries and vanilla pods. It is like the taste of summer, raspberry sorbet and candy […]

Black olive tapenade

If yesterday was “little Saturday” today must be Sunday. Obviously I know it’s Thursday but lets pretend. If it was Sunday for real I would just be back from a late brunch, still a little peckish and go through the cupboards and fridge looking for suitable snacks. I went to a lovely shop today and […]

Roast red pepper hummus

In Sweden we call Wednesday “little Saturday”. I think it’s an excuse for people to go out drinking midweek. I use it as a perfectly acceptable reason to cook up a storm and watch movies. It’s those little things that makes the week days a little bit more bearable so lets all forget about tomorrows […]

Raspberry macaron

More macarons, really?? You must wonder what kind of sweet frenzy that has gotten in to me. I honestly have not got the answer to that. Perhaps it’s the idea of the winter coming to it’s end, that I felt something that must have been heat coming from the sun yesterday or maybe it’s the […]

Earl grey tea macaron

You can not have missed the macaron madness that is going on pretty much everywhere. They are so pretty in all their colours and flavours. Do you know what though? Every time I make an attempt to bake macarons I spend hours in the kitchen making a complete mess. Do not be fooled by the […]

Hazelnut semifreddo

Frozen dessert, in the middle of February? Yep. I know it’s not right, but it’s okay. Sometimes we need a bit of cooling down after all the hearty winter stews and soups. I can not think of a better way than to whip up some frosty dessert. In this case Semifreddo. Toast some hazelnuts, grind […]

Tuesday thoughts

It is only Tuesday, and still early February…it is looking pretty grey and snowy(!!) outside so this evening is all about staying warm and wrapped up. Movies, fire and a few cups of tea is on my agenda. I’m having a bit of a bake off with myself, and so far it’s sort of 1/1 […]


Sunday morning breakfast is almost as good as Sunday brunch. Plenty of options when it comes to choosing what to eat, and since it is still the weekend a cheeky treat is totally allowed. Some mornings that means blueberry pancakes or BLT’s, other mornings I go down a healthier route and blend some fresh fruit […]

Sweet potato, coconut and chili soup

Yesterday I was on a liquid diet for most of the day. Blood orange and raspberry smoothie before my hot yoga class, plenty of water after. Green tea and matcha during the day and then a big bowl of soup for lunch. It is maybe not ideal to do a liquid fast for more than […]