Frozen daim parfait

Did you ever have a Daim bar? They are pretty good, right?  On their own, with a cup of tea or crushed and sprinkled over ice cream… Or, they can be transformed into a cheeky dessert that people will keep coming back for, even just to beg for the recipe. Who does not want a […]

French toast

Is it Sunday yet? No? Okay, so we are half way through the week and all I can think about is French toast and blood orange mimosas. Brunch is the perfect reason to get dressed up, meet your friends and get tipsy at lunch time. For me it’s such a treat to get a day […]

Vegetarian spring rolls

I spent a few months in Asia and developed some sort of addiction to spring rolls. In Thailand they come filled with glass noodles, mushrooms and cabbage, served with sweet chili sauce. In Vietnam they stuff rice paper with fresh leaves and prawns, dip them in nuoc cham and call it spring rolls. Either way […]

Manuka monday

Red alert, the wind is about to get stronger, the rain heavier and the floodings will spread inland. This is what we have been dealing with for a little bit too long now for my liking, and as if January was not a complete drag of a month, it looks like February is not going […]

Getting vegucated

To be aware of where our food comes from is crucial to be able to maintain a healthy body and mind. As we continue to eat food full of additives, preservatives and cheap ingredients the more ailments and diseases we develop. But with pre-packed dinners in the super markets, cheap take-aways on everybody’s door step and […]

No knead bread

If you have 5 minutes to spare I beg you to make a bread dough, leave it be for 12-18 hours and then go ahead and bake the most beautiful bread in your own kitchen. The recipe is not my own, as much as I would like to claim it to be. It is something […]

New year, let the blogging begin.

As 2013 came to its end I realised I had spent the whole year neglecting my blog, not one single post was published. I did spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen though and since practise makes perfect I figured the year was not a complete waste. This year however my aim is […]

Whiskey and Cardamom Chocolate truffles

  Whiskey and Cardamom Chocolate truffles, yummy! It has been so quiet here on hoglundshomemade, some of you might wonder what I have been up to. I have not forgotten about my blog, not at all. I have just been working so much lately that there has simply been no time for experimenting in the […]