After a long, busy summer filled with weddings, mountain hikes, walks on the pier, days at the beach and a few lazy evenings in front of the TV we finally took off on our holidays.

When Martin suggested we’d spend a week in the West of Ireland I have to admit I was a little apprehensive at first. For me a summer holiday has always involved getting up super early, stressful check-ins at the airport and that final feeling of relief when arriving to a sunny place usually somewhere in the south of Europe. The idea of an Irish holiday usually seems to involve rain, wind, a few to many pints of guinness and the odd ray of sunlight.

I was proven wrong. We had the most amazing time in Connemara on the border of County Mayo and County Galway. The sun was shining almost everyday and the temperature never dropped below 20 degrees, celsius.

We rented a lovely cottage at the base of a mountain, a short walk from the lake and a charming country pub just down the road. A very talented basket maker has 2 cottages that can be rented at very reasonable prices, he also holds basket making courses. More information can be found here. The basket maker, Joe Hogan, and his lovely wife Dolores were the perfect landlords and made us feel extremely comfortable and welcome.

A short stroll from our cottage Joe and Dolores had a large poly tunnel filled with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, celery and other greens. We were told to take as many tomatoes as we wanted, so we did!


I cant remember the last time I tasted tomatoes like this. They were so sweet and juicy.tomato


On the side of the road there were blackberry bushes full of berries waiting to be picked.berries


The first morning in the cottage we took a little morning stroll and picked some berried for breakfast; French toast on brioche with blackberries, strawberries and honey…French-toast

The nature is just breathtaking here. I still miss waking up every morning to this


One day myself and Martin walked up Mount Gable. The view from the top was absolutely stunning and on the way up we met a few sheep and a horse.

At the end of the lake near the house there was a sandy beach! Great to access the water for a swim, or to go out in the boat that comes with the house…or just a great spot to hang out with a few ducks.beach-duck

Our holiday did come to an end and I am now back in Dublin working away. About a month ago I accepted the position as head chef in Noshington where I have been working for the last 3 years. It is a big challenge and I am determined to do a good job. It is exciting to get back in to the kitchen after spending the last 10 months or so in the Pastry section. But I will always make time for baking at home so this means more sweet recipes for you guys to look forward to.

Even more exciting is that on Monday the 29th of September the new season of Top Chef-Just Dessert starts on Swedish TV and I am one of the contestants. I will put up a link over the weekend so you can watch me making a complete fool of myself on TV.

Until then have an amazing weekend, eat lots of yummy things and get some well deserved rest, it is the weekend after all:)sheep













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