Getting vegucated

To be aware of where our food comes from is crucial to be able to maintain a healthy body and mind. As we continue to eat food full of additives, preservatives and cheap ingredients the more ailments and diseases we develop. But with pre-packed dinners in the super markets, cheap take-aways on everybody’s door step and less time spent in the kitchen actually cooking (not just heating something up in the oven/microwave) it is hard to stay focused and take a step away from processed food.

A great help to me in my attempt to get a little more educated when it comes to food and health is watching documentaries. There are plenty of them on netflix, on-line and on the TV and it is scary to see what is really going on behind the closed doors of the producers of so called fresh meat, fish, dairy and other every day ingredients.

What is incredible though is to see people all over the world trying to make a stand and show a different, what should be normal, lifestyle that can be achieved through a few changes in our daily routines. This is the kind of stuff that keeps my head straight and helps me in my struggle to be more aware of the food I put in to my body.

The list could be made very long but here are a few of my favourites:

Vegucated gives a great inside look at how going vegan and getting a closer look at the hidden sides of animal farming can change peoples views on their eating habits

Fat sick and nearly dead is the story of how a strict jucing diet not only contributed to weight loss but also had a huge impact on one mans health

Foodmatters “106000 Americans die each year from pharmaceutical drugs”, watch this to learn more about how food can save us from chronic illness and how to use food as medicine

No impact man follows one man and his family during their year-long experiment of leaving no impact on the environment

Next time there is nothing on the TV to watch (most of the time) have a look at these documentaries and sew how it might change your way of thinking. Getting the right information is the first step in adapting a healthier life style.





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