Mid week chat

country-houseHey all. It has been a few quiet weeks here on the blog. I have kept myself very busy though but can still not tell you about the exciting project I have been working on.

I will tell you where I have been though. I spent some time in my home country, Sweden. What a place. I keep forgetting that I am from Sweden, that I grew up there and that I spent the first 20 years of my life there.

Stockholm is where I spent most of my time and this is such a cool, trendy and hip place.  New restaurants, bars, cafes and pastry shops are constantly being opened, and it is hard to keep up with Nordic cuisine craze that seems to be on all chefs minds these days.

At the country side things are completely different. Time moves slower, people are at a different pace and it is so quiet.

My family owns a country house that was built roughly 300 years ago. It is in my family 100 years. This is a place where I spent summer after summer picking wild berries and mushrooms, grew my very own radishes, carrots and sugar snap peas, swam and fished in the lake and watched the sun go down behind the forrest.

See the picture above? That’s the kitchen in the country house, with a wood fired stove that we still use to boil water for washing the dishes. It is as if time stood still and things were just left the way they have always been. Is it not just so lovely that some places are still like that?

In September this year we are going to spend a week in a cottage in Connemara. I have not been interested in a quiet holiday before but I am really looking forward to big hill walks, yoga on the mountains, reading some books and to be away from the city.

Enough of rambling. I’m off to cook dinner but please bare with me while I’m trying to focus and find inspiration for new, yummy things to create in the kitchen. Because that means you have some great recipes to look forward to.


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