Roast red pepper salad

Red-Pepper-saladThursdays meal was such a success that I’ve decided to share another great recipe from my lazy so called dinner. If you, just like myself, love antipasti, tapas or meze, this little dish will go down a treat!

I was inspired by an evening in Spain nearly two years ago. After spending a week in Biarritz and San Sebastian we reached our final destination of the holiday; Madrid. What a city. I can not describe how much I love that place. The food and wine alone would make me go back.

We met up with a good friend of ours that lived in Spain at the time. This meant our tired brains got a little rest while he did the talking for us. It also meant that we could step out of our comfort zone and get our friend to order some local specialties.

On this particular evening we sat down in a little bar with some wine and ordered a few plates of food. There was bread (of course), cured meats, olives and a delicious red pepper salad.

Perhaps salad is not the right word to use, it does not make the dish justice. Have you ever had roast red peppers in Spain? They are the best!!

A load of char grilled peppers, peeled and cut in to thin strips was marinated in olive oil and a hint of chili. The juices of the peppers mixed with the oil gave us good use of the bread. The sweetness of the peppers cut through the saltiness of the ham and made a perfect match.

This little dish makes a great addition to a tapas meal, eaten as it is on bread or served with grilled fish or meat. I am already playing around with the idea to use different coloured peppers next time I make this salad. Would look so pretty and probably taste even better.


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