Tuesday thoughts

It is only Tuesday, and still early February…it is looking pretty grey and snowy(!!) outside so this evening is all about staying warm and wrapped up. Movies, fire and a few cups of tea is on my agenda.

I’m having a bit of a bake off with myself, and so far it’s sort of 1/1 as the first batch of macarons went straight in to the bin. Something went terribly wrong and could not be corrected. These things happen(still makes me incredibly frustrated).

I am wondering if the run I went for will be ruined by eating all the macarons I have in the oven. I’ve decided it will be worth taking the chance, I can always run again..

On Friday this week it’s Valentines day and I think you could feed a small country with all the Red velvet cake I’m baking in work. People love it. And I did eat my fare share too (quality checking of course). Are you celebrating Valentines day? I don’t. It just seems a little silly to me but fair play to those who do celebrate.

It is so hard to take good pictures in this light. It’s as if the sun took another route today and just did not rise at all. Hard for someone trying to run a food blog I must say. But I do have plenty of ideas and lots happening at the moment in the kitchen so bare with me please until I get my stuff together.

While you are waiting so patiently I give you a little teaser and show you these amazing blueberry buns.blueberry-bun Light brioche dough filled with blueberry jam.




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