Manuka monday

Red alert, the wind is about to get stronger, the rain heavier and the floodings will spread inland. This is what we have been dealing with for a little bit too long now for my liking, and as if January was not a complete drag of a month, it looks like February is not going to have much to offer weather wise either. Ireland is a little bit like this when it comes to weather and after living here for 7 years I should probably be a little more used to it by now. Bring on the spring!!

With a couple of months to go before spring arrives I have to admit there is some comfort and that is blood oranges. My absolute favorite citrus fruit is only available for a few weeks of the year and I sure do make the most of those weeks. I eat them fresh, juice them, add to smoothies or come up with desserts where I can manage to squeeze in some of the delicious juice of a ripe blood orange. I’m at the moment looking for an excuse to host a brunch as I can not think of a nicer treat than a blood orange mimosa…

Today I still have to eat my daily dose of blood oranges but due to a cold hanging around at the back of my throat I am sipping a hot ginger, lime, mint and Manuka honey drink. This is good, like really good stuff. It is a little tart and peppery from the lime and ginger, but the honey brings a comforting sweetness and the fresh mint really adds freshness to the combination. So in a sort of placebo/scientifically proven way I’m hoping for miracles as I do not have time to be sick.

According to this website Manuka honey seems to be the cure to (almost) every ailment:

Preventing and treating cancer

Reducing high cholesterol

Reducing systemic inflammation

Treating diabetes

Treating eye, ear and sinus infections

Treating gastrointestinal problems

While I do understand it is necessary in some cases to treat infections with antibiotics I still feel fairly apprehensive towards it. Last year I was given 3 doses of antibiotics for chest, sinus and ear infections. Looking back it actually seems like I could have done without them as it took so long to get well even after finishing the tablets. I think it could have been viral infections and I guess most people nowadays know that a virus is not to be treated with antibiotics.  So this year I am going to focus a lot on natural remedies and look more in to so called “super foods” to build up a strong immune system ready to fight off any germs and help me stay healthy!




  1. Anneli Höglund says

    Blodspelsinerna är verkligen jättegoda nu. Dricker 1 glas färskpressad juice varje morgon. Men vad är Manoka?

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